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Hello today we added a great project.

In this project, we have set high insurance contributions and a top refbak.



Today We Have Officially Opened Doors!

Greetings for the day. Today we have officially Launched Zypher FX Limited.

Warm Regards
Zypher FX Limited



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[25.04.2011] Interview with HYIP admin of ATB Corporation

Good Day, today we’ll interview you for closer acquaintance with you and your project. To begin with introduce yourself to our readers and tell a bit about yourself and your business partners. What position do you hold?
Good Day! My name is Alexander Bogachev. I’m an investment manager in the company «АТВ corp». I have more than 3-year experience of fund management. The АТВcorporation project became for me a new step to the expansion of my area of activity. As the Internet access is directly connected to the appearance of the new vast possibilities.
Tell us about your project. How long do you work in the sphere of investment, how are you getting on? Whom is the project focused on in the first place?

As I have already said in previous interviews, the Internet access gives a lot of advantages and prospects of development. For this reason the «АТВ corp» project was created. I can’t imagine my working alone in this project. We have the single big well-organized team which define the increasing of the investors capital and the company’s equity in total. But to the moment of the single team creation much time has passed. Initially the trade was carried on through the only single trader. Then, in connection with successful trade, additional specialists were invited. They were granted means and in the course of their successful activity a positive dynamics of the capital growth was achieved. And after that they pursued a course towards the active expansion of the company. At the present time, seeing a stable trader’s work and constant profit inflow there was decided to use debt funds for the more effective trade of the new strategies adoption. For two years we changed a good many brokers and came to the conclusion that there are no one completely honest. That’s why for the present the АТВ corp primary task is the creation of its own brokerage (to negotiate with the suppliers of liquidity, to work out it’s own trade terminal, to establish all communications). Because of it’s own brokerage nobody will cut our profits down and the trading will be able to ensure our debtors the more higher level of income. In addition there will appear a possibility to earn a commission of the transactions of strange traders that do their business through our company (its up to 10 per cent from the traders’ deposits amount per month).
Many investors first of all pay their attention to the projects with as much as possible protected data. At the moment you have SSL-protection, the website is located at the dedicated server, there are also one-time promocodes for the access to the personal cabinet, are there DDos-protection and what exactly?
That is really so, we adopted an entire system of protection of our clients’ means and personal data for our investors protection. The usage of the SSL-certificate is the basic element of the protection. Besides that there are used a system of one-time promocodes, inquired every time while entering the personal cabinet. These codes are sent to the clients email stated at the account registration. It provides an additional protection from the strangers’ undesirable encroachment. Site script is unique, worked out by the specialists against our order. Also in the nearest future DDoS protection will be adopted at our company’s site.
How is the freedback carried out? At what time it is available in Moscow?
Feedback is done in 3 ways. -The main and most familiar to users is e-mail. -Hotline (by the way calls are free in Russia) Also in a private office there is online chat through which the clients of our company will always be able to get an efficient assistance in their problems solution. We work from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 Moscow time.
You are registered at VKontakte, Twitter, and "My World" from mail.ru. What is the purpose of this step of your strategy? To attract the maximal number of potential customers? A way to inform already registered investors about the latest news? Or some different goal is pursued?
Accounts in social networks were created to attract new investors, as well as to inform Internet users about all news and events that take place in our company. And the informing is targeted at those interested, so to say potential clients as well as the usual and common users who are interested in our company and its activity as a whole.
Your project was launched on the 23th of March, a month has already passed. How can you characterize this period? Was it successful according to your expectations? On the 14th of April the English version appeared on the website , how was your project taken by foreign investors?
As you have noticed, our project is still very young. One month of work is not enough to draw any conclusions. For adequate and proper performance of our work at least 3-5 months should pass. But now we can say the one with confidence: the development of the project, its work proceeds according to our plan, without any serious problems and failures. As for the English version, the interest of foreign investors at the moment is not great. This can be explained by the fact that the advertising program targeted at foreign investors is not finished yet. The main influx of international investment is expected after the completion of this program.
Your project is actively discussed on many forums, in particular, there are dissatisfied users. Do you have a person involved in the work with public at the forums to clarify any questions?
The fact that our project is being actively discussed at various forums, can not but rejoice. Dissatisfied users – it is quite natural, because its impossible to please everyone at once. At all forums, where our project is presented, there is a special person - a representative of the company ATBcorp, which is engaged in the work with public, explains all the inaccuracies, answers questions. 8. The project runs without incidents, hopefully it will be so in the future. What are your plans for the future? Will there be any new plans? And will there be something new for us in your project? Planning the future development is one of the major directions for our company. For the present there are a whole program of innovations, changes and improvement of the project worked out. The main task for us is to improve the website security. Now we consider the possibility of connecting the protection of DDoS-attacks. At the moment, the question of the establishment of a free hotline for the CIS countries (remember, now free calls are possible only in Russia) is settling. It is also planned to introduce a new form of communication with customers - video and audio conferences. Thus, we hope very much that we will become even more closer and understandable for your potential and existing clients. Also, there will be some changes within the company at the personnel and managerial level.
And before parting I want to give you an opportunity to appeal to investors.
In spite of the high risks, the Forex currency market has always been and remains up to date one of the most profitable in the world. Every month hundreds of successful traders increase the investors capital to 15-100 per cent. We understand this very well, and do everything possible to reduce risks and increase profits from stock trading. Our company disposes a variety of techniques and tools for effective and successful work at Forex. We are able to trade and we can trade. Glad to see you among our investors! Successful investing!

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