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Hello today we added a great project.

In this project, we have set high insurance contributions and a top refbak.



Today We Have Officially Opened Doors!

Greetings for the day. Today we have officially Launched Zypher FX Limited.

Warm Regards
Zypher FX Limited



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[26.03.2015] Interview with admin of Poker Automatics

Hello! Thank you for time to give an interview. Introduce yourself to our readers. Tell us what do you do in the program? How many people are there in your team?

Good afternoon,
my name is David, I am marketing manager in Poker Automatics program.
Since 2013 I’ve been working in the finance department. In August 2014 I’ve joined the marketing department.
I specialize in marketing, PR and communication.

17 people from 6 different countries (United Kingdom, China, Spain, Russia, Germany and the U.S.) are working in Poker Automatics.
Software is developed by the team of five: 3 programmers and 2 analysts.
Other 12 people maintain system and monitor its work.
Those are Head, 3 managers of Finance Department, 5 managers of Technical Department and 3 managers of Marketing and Technical Support.

Programmers are updating and upgrading software for poker bots.
Analytical Department is for analysis, mathematical calculations and processing information from bots about results of the session.
Financial Department is for service of Poker Automatics accounts.
Technical Department is for servicing poker bot accounts in poker rooms.
Marketing is for advertising and PR.
Technical Support is for customer support, advice, Q&A.

Tell us more about your fund. What are your plans for its development? What are the goals you set for yourself?

Poker Automatics is an automated system for obtaining guaranteed passive income from online poker 24/7 without any human interference.
You don’t need any experience or skill to play poker. Forget about the risk!
Investing in Poker Automatics can be compared with the trust management, but you won’t find anything alike at other companies.

In normal trust management all depends on the fiduciary.
People tend to make mistakes. None of the professional is immune to greed, passion or poor health and bad mood.
Robots don’t have these disadvantages. That’s the main strong point of Poker Automatics. The absence of the human factor.
More details can be found on About The Poker Automatics page

Our task is to provide to customers a long-term, profitable and risk-free tool to generate passive income.
Currently we have a marketing plan to promote Poker Automatics up to January 2017.
Then, depending on the level of development, we’ll decide whether it’s necessary to build up a larger customer base or only work with existing clients.
Yet we have regular customers who have being with us for many years and trusted us.
In the near future we plan the official registration of the company and the gradual enabling of new international payment systems.

At the moment, we have 806 active pokerbot accounts in our network.

Our future goals:
July 2015 - 900-1000 active poker bot accounts
January 2016 - 1200-1300 active poker bot accounts
July 2016 - 1500-1600 active poker bot accounts
January 2017 - 1900-2000 active poker bot accounts

The ultimate goal - 2,000 active poker bot accounts.
For security reasons we won't increase our botnet above 2000 active poker bot accounts.
We plan to start working as the registered company this spring.
For more information about the system visit our website:

Your fund has been working for a long time. How long have you being creating it? Have there been any difficulties?

Poker Automatics has begun accepting investments since April 2011. During this time a lot of changes and improvements have being happened in the company.
One of the most important innovations was the transition to an automated script in spring 2014.
Before that, all operations were carried out manually by the operator. Customers had to wait long for processing transactions on depositing funds, profits accrual and payments.
In May 2014, we asked all customers to withdraw all their funds to upgrade the database and scripts of the site.
In June 2014, about 80% of customers re-invested and moved to a new automated system.
Throughout its history, Poker Automatics has being constantly improving and upgrading.
We always listen to our customers to make our service more convenient, more comfortable and more profitable.

Tell us more about investment plans within your program. Why did you choose these interest rates? What are the benefits of your investment plans?

Income earned on deposits in Poker Automatics depends on the sum invested.

There you can learn about expenses and other charges on profits.

The rate of interest is floating. It’s published daily in the History of Charges since 2011:

Average revenue in Poker Automatics is about 1% a day without expenses.
For convenience and simplicity, here there is average profit of Poker Automatics customers:
$30-299 - about 12% per month
$300-999 - about 15% per month
$1000-2999 - about 18% per month
$3000-9999 - about 19,5% per month
$10000-29999 - about 21% per month
$30000-49999 - about 22,5% per month
from $50000 - about 24% per month

We don’t promise enormous profits. Such yield can be provided by any well-established business.
The difference is that in Poker Automatics you get PASSIVE income, without spending all the time to gain it.
It’s enough to create a free account in Poker Automatics, add funds, select the Deposit, and gain a profit.
Skills and knowledge of poker are unnecessary. All the work is done by bots and professionals who maintain the bot net.

Tell us more about payment systems used. Do you plan to enable more payment systems?

Currently we are working with such payment systems:
Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, Liqpay, W1), QIWI, SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, AdvancedCash, bank transfers.

We have verified accounts in all payment systems.
For example, you can find Poker Automatics even in SolidTrustPay Merchant Directory:

In the future we plan to add other payment systems: Neteller, Skrill, Payza and others.

How high the level of security of your site is? What measures do you take to protect against possible hacking and DDoS attacks, blocking of your accounts, domain, and so on?

We constantly face those who see us as a competitor. Those are various scams, beggars, extortionists, blackmailers, etc.
Every day we receive dozens of emails from such people.
There were those who openly confessed that they had a contract out on our site.
We don’t take these people seriously. It’s always possible to check and refute any attempts to falsify and deceive.
On the technical side, we have reliable servers, AntiDDOS protection and SSL certificate, which don’t fail.
We don’t keep money on accounts of payment systems. All funds are in operation at the poker accounts, so even if there are any blockings, it won’t threaten the program.

It should be understood that Poker Automatics site (pokeram.com) is primarily just a shell of the program.
Back ups of all information and databases are kept on separate servers.
Poker Automatics site is separate from the bot network. Poker Automatics site activity doesn’t affect operation of bots and poker accounts.
Investors' money is working at poker accounts.
Server addresses of bots aren’t published anywhere. Attackers simply won’t know which servers to attack.
In case of attack or failure of the statistics server, bots will continue to work at poker accounts and make profit in normal mode,
and statistics will be sent as soon as the statistics server restarts.
We take all possible technical risks. They don’t threaten the program and don’t affect customers of Poker Automatics.

Tell us more about your way of getting profit

Profit is made by the network of poker bots installed within numerous poker accounts in various poker rooms.
First, is the return for bots playing. Secondly, that’s a rakeback (return fees), which is paid periodically by independent organizations.
This may include a variety of regular bonuses from online poker rooms for deposits and play.
At the moment, we have 806 active pokerbot accounts.

Learn more about bots on our website in the FAQ Section:

Average revenue before expenses is about 1% per day.
Depending on deposited sum, we pay the investors a share of profits from 40% to 80% of this amount.
The rest is used for expenses (maintenance of a botnet, wages, affiliate program, etc.), the reserve fund and paying managers.

Your website has a bonus system, tell us about it in detail. Why did you decide to create it? How one can get these bonuses?

Everyone who creates a free account in Poker Automatics gains a bonus of virtual $1,000 for demonstration and testing Poker Automatics.
You can allocate money on Deposits and watch it growing as if you’ve really refilled the account with $1,000.
This amount and all profits from it are allocated on a separate internal account and aren’t available for withdrawal.

The advantages of virtual $1,000:
It’s enough to create a free account to get the sum.
Beginners don’t need to refill an account to understand how everything works.
One can create Deposits and keep track of daily results of Poker Automatics.
No need to risk money or make trial deposits, like other companies require.

Besides that, there is Gifts Section, where everyone can find a lot of additional bonuses from various online poker rooms.

Every week we conduct a free lottery among the participants. The main prize is VIP status.

Tell us, where your company is registered?

Currently, Poker Automatics consists of a group of people from different countries, software and a network of dedicated servers.
We plan to start working as the registered company this spring.

Is it possible to conclude a contract with you, on behalf of a company or individual?

After registration, we probably will be able to enter into contracts with customers on behalf of the company.

What are the most often questions and problems of customers?

One of the most popular questions is - What can I do with free $1,000?

* $1000 issued to you free of charge for demonstrating and testing possibilities of Poker Automatics.
You can use them for Deposits, watch them grow, like if you’ve funded $1000 by yourself.
This amount and all profits from it are on a separate internal account and are not available for withdrawal.

Benefits from Free $1000:
This is a demo account.
Any customer can test our system for free.
You don't need to make a deposit in order to understand how everything works.
You can create deposits and see daily results. How it works.
You don't need to risk your funds like in other companies.

To get your income in real money you should invest real funds.

A demo account is a standard practice of any broker or poker room.

Another frequently asked question: Is it legal to use poker bots?
Yes, it's legal. No country in the world has laws against poker bots.
Rules of poker rooms prohibit using bots. Rooms are trying to deal with them, but succeed only with cheap and ineffective bots.
It’s worth to note that poker rooms use their own bots too.

Team game is the greatest danger for poker players.
We are personally against a team game, and against exchange of information between players.
It's really not fair relative to the other players
Our bots aren’t related to each other; they don’t play with each other, unite against other players or exchange cards and information, etc.
i.e. in fact, bots are individual professional players, and there are no more issues with them comparing to other pro players.
They DON’T act the same and typical way. We use a variety of profiles and modifications.
In appearance these accounts can’t be distinguished from ordinary players.
Our network can be called a botnet only in matter of quantity, but not in way of acting.
Even if some of bots will be blocked, others won’t be affected.
The loss because of such blockings is compensated by results of other accounts.

And the last thing. What you can say to attract investors to your program?

In conclusion, I can say:
Someone likes to take risks, go for broke, feel adrenaline, excitement and thrill.
For someone poker is a gamble.

For us poker is job and business.
The goal of Poker Automatics is to provide guaranteed stable passive income to its members.
We avoid risk. When there is a dilemma to make more profit increasing risk, or get a smaller but guaranteed profit without risk, we choose the second option.
Our regular customers have already seen this. Every day thousands of people make profit with us.
Poker Automatics Team wishes you a stable income without risk.

We are waiting for you on our website https://pokeram.com
We are always glad to cooperate.

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