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Hello today we added a great project.

In this project, we have set high insurance contributions and a top refbak.



Today We Have Officially Opened Doors!

Greetings for the day. Today we have officially Launched Zypher FX Limited.

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[05.02.2016] Review of the HYIP program Shareholder

Hello dear investors! Today we will consider the exciting new solid program which was started 1 november  2015 year. - Shareholder Investment Corporation

Legend of the HYIP program (Original): 

Shareholder IC is an official Dutch holding company, maintaining firm and stable positions in the sectors of national industry such as the manufacture of black metallurgy, shipbuilding, as well as oil-refinement. The Shareholder IC holding makes headway, expanding, recruiting more and more partners, launching new daughter ventures and companies across the globe, partnering not only with European countries, but also gradually expanding its partnership with Asia and Eastern Europe. The Shareholder IC company became famous from 2004 when it went beyond regional production and began obtaining assets from other companies, as well as cooperating with foreign partners. Over a relatively short period of time, Shareholder IC turned from a small regional company, engaged in metallurgy, into a large holding, which is still growing and maintains firm positions in the Dutch industry of metallurgy, cooperation with shipbuilding, geological survey. Besides the fact that the company is successfully developing its own country’s industry, it is actively mastering the international oil market, cooperating with companies in the mining and extraction of oil and gas. 

 Our estimation: 5/5   


Design of the HYIP fund:

The program site is available in Russian, English, Italian and Dutch. Site navigation qualitatively worked out, and all the information provided is unique and the most understandable for investors.

Our estimation: 4/5   

Investment plans:

Plans Term Deposit Profit
Geological Survey 12 months $30-$2100 0.7-1.3% daily(~30% monthly, after 12 months ~365%)
Black Mettalurgy 12 months $300-6000 0.85-1.5% daily(~33% monthly, after 12 months ~396%)
Shipbuilding 10 months $500-$20000 1-1.7% daily(~43% monthly, after 12 months ~430%)
Oil industry 9 months $1000-$40000 1.05-1.9% daily(~50% monthly, after 12 months ~450%)
Oil and Gas extracting 8 months $2000-$10000
1.1-2.2% daily(~59% monthly, after 12 months ~472%)

Payment processors: Perfect Money, PAYEER, Bitcoin, NIX money, Yand, OIWI, Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Free Kassa.
bank cards: Sberbank, Russian standard, alphabank, promsvyazbank.

Payouts: manual.

Interest income is accrued on a daily basis, and their payments are made every Thursday. The minimum withdrawal amount of $10.

Our estimation: 5/5   

Referral program:

"Geological survey" and "Black metallurgy": 10% - the first line; 2% - the second line of the amount of purchases of your partners.
"Shipbuilding", "oil industry" and "Gas and oil extraction" 10% - the first line; 2% - the second line of the amount of purchases to your partner and 3% of their monthly earnings.

Our estimation: 5/5    

Technical stuff:

The site is located on the dedicated server with greenbar SSL protection..

Our estimation: 5/5  

Feedback with the administration:

The program can be contacted with the support of several ways:

Use the feedback form, by phone, or by writing a support mail. Skype: shareholder.company

Our estimation: 5/5   


Social Networking: Classmates, VKontakte, Facebook, You Tube. Shareholder Investment Corporation Administration leads a smooth marketing campaign gradually buying advertising on thematic resources..

Our estimation: 4/5   

Forum Discussions:

Shareholder Investment Corporation is well present on many well-known english and russian forums.
Activity in these forums is high.

Our estimation: 5/5   

Our verdict: 

Shareholder Investment Corporation perspective gradually developing program with an interesting marketing. All plans differ in terms of work, deposited amount and accrued income, it allows each of the investors choose the right investment industry for him, but unfortunately those who have invested a small amount will have to wait a little longer to give because it is the minimum payout of $ 10 for withdrawal.


 Final rating: 38/40   



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